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On the Issues

"I am a lifelong California resident, an American, a regular person like all of you, who is tired of being strong-armed by an increasingly authoritarian government."

~Vincent Tsai~


Medical Freedom
Right to Privacy

  • Decisions about medical treatments are each person’s right to make, not the government’s.

  • Parents should be able to decide whether or not their child gets vaccinated, it should not be mandated.

  • People should not lose their jobs or get suspended from work because they choose not to get a vaccine.

  • Children should not be banned from attending in-person school because their parents choose not to have their children get a vaccine or wear a mask.

  • People should not have to sign away their privacy rights by being forced to upload medical information to a vaccine passport, which is actually a digital ID database used for government surveillance.

Protection Against
Chinese Communist Party Influence

  • Ban lobbying for CCP linked military and intelligence companies.

  • Ban joint US/China research conducted by US universities, companies, and investors that leak important intelligence and military information to the CCP.

  • Full transparency of business deals and donations to US politicians and universities from China-based companies and investors.

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Protection of our Second Amendment Rights


  •  A disarmed populace is subject to tyrannical rule, just look at what’s happening in countries Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Austria, and China.

  • People have the right to defend themselves and protect their families from lawless criminals who disregard gun laws.

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Support for our Law Enforcement Community

  • Defunding has done nothing to make our communities safer, but instead cause an increase in homicides and other violent crimes.  Law enforcement agencies are short-staffed and officers/deputies are exhausted from having to work more overtime than usual.

  • More funding to fill staffing vacancies by creating new academy classes and lifting hiring freezes.

  • Provide more training for law enforcement officers.

  • Higher salaries to attract quality candidates

Vincent Tsai supports law enforcement
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