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Hi, I'm Vincent.



I was born and raised in California. I’ve lived here my entire life, so I’ve seen first-hand how politicians have made this state a harder place to live. Homelessness has gotten consistently worse, crime has risen dramatically, and California has some of the most repressive covid rules in the country.

On top of that, the prices of homes have risen to a level that makes it difficult for many people to afford a home, let alone, rent.
It is because of those factors, that a mass exodus of Californians are leaving to other states that offer more personal liberties and higher quality of life. Instead of leaving with them, I have vowed to stay in this state to help be part of the solution to make California a great place to live in again.



I am currently happily serving LA County as a deputy sheriff, but in my current capacity as a law enforcement officer, my ability to affect positive change only goes so far. An accumulation
of events over the years, particularly the past two years, has motivated me to run for office. I do so not because I want to be a politician, but because I refuse to sit back and allow the degradation of our democracy and God-given freedoms to continue any longer: I want to affect change to make this state a better place to live. I don’t work with special interest groups that have me on their payroll and tell me what to do. I do not fraternize with lobbyists. I do not have million-dollar business deals with companies with ties to China. I am a lifelong California resident, an American, a regular person like all of you, who is tired of being strong-armed by an increasingly authoritarian government. I am just one person, but with all of your support, we will be a force of good to be reckoned with.



Together, we can make our neighborhoods, our cities, our counties, our state, and our country, a free and wonderful place for us to be in and for our children’s future. We should not be divided based on political party preference. We are all one people, interconnected, living here on this Earth together, at this specific time in history.


Let us come together and turn things around.

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A Freer California

Incredible things can happen when regular Americans come together and care for the good of their neighbors. I am tired of the politics and will work hard to do right by every Californian in District 22.

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